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ENTRE MÉDICAL DE LA COMMUNAUTÉ (CMC) is a medical organisation whose administrative and medical centre is based in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Laboratory (CMC Lubumbashi).


The CMC was created in the 1990s by doctors who wanted to supplement the difficulties and shortcomings of the health services in Lubumbashi. The FORREST GROUP became involved in this approach in 1998 and acquired the Centre in 2001.

The activities of the CMC are organised around its clinic, in Lubumbashi. The Centre offers high-quality services including emergency medicine, medical imaging, ultrasound, gynaecology and paediatrics, as well as an operating theatre, a laboratory and a dental surgery.

The CMC has also developed associated medical centres in Lubumbashi and Kolwezi. The Centre has a dispensary and on-site advanced medical surgeries whose main purpose is to provide first-aid to patients and to deal with workplace accidents.

In addition to the employees of Group’s companies and their families, all the services of the CMC are open to the local people as well as, contractually, to companies external to the FORREST GROUP.

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Operating theatre (CMC Lubumbashi).

© Jean-Dominique Burton
At Lubumbashi, CMC owns the most highly reputed and advanced clinic in the Province of Katanga.


Besides its medical infrastructure in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the CMC carries out medical evacuations, for example to South Africa on behalf of various companies present in the Katanga.

The CMC also develops partnerships with companies that are external to the FORREST GROUP. This was the case in particular for the mining company KAMOTO COPPER COMPANY (KCC), in Kolwezi. As a subcontractor to it, from 2009 to 2011, the CMC dealt with all the medical issues of KCC employees, as well as the training of the company's medical staff.


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République Démocratique du Congo
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