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Community Services

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«[…] The economic development of a company is only fully successful if it goes hand-in-hand with the socio-economic and human fulfilment of the neighbouring local populations […]"
– George A. Forrest –

In Central Africa, stable and long-terms investments require positive commitments which go beyond traditional economic and financial criteria


The FORREST GROUP and its family shareholding have as such created initiatives in the social and cultural fields, in particular the foundations FONDATION RACHEL FORREST and FONDATION GEORGE ARTHUR FORREST and the non-profit association, DIALOGUES.

They develop projects in the areas of education, health, early childhood care, culture, sport, infrastructure and the environment.

The FORREST GROUP has been investing on the African continent since 1922. Its longevity is the fruit of a vision of the role a company should have, namely the duty to be a positive player in the society in which it operates.

The investments of the Group share a common core of values which include, as a priority, objectives of stability and long-term prospects.

Fondation Rachel Forrest

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