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Congo Energy

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Congo Energy is active in the energy sector, in project management, in new infrastructure development and in the renovation and maintenance of existing installations.

The company contributes to the renewal and development of the energy sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Congo Energy is wholly owned by the Forrest Group.

Congo Energy was created in 2013. The company brought together the expertise acquired by the group in the energy sector over the past decades.

It has its head office in Lubumbashi and operations headquarters in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa. Congo Energy is an important player in the energy sector in the DRC.

CONGO ENERGY focuses on three growth areas:
- Projects : management and contracting;
- Energy production: the construction and operation of power plants;
- Services : repairs, after sales service and maintenance.

Congo Energy participates in large-scale construction and/or renovation projects for hydroelectric, solar and thermal plants, electricity lines, substations, distribution and transformation stations and transmission networks.

CONGO ENERGY is in charge of the administrative aspects and management of the FRIPT project. This Public-private Partnership with SNEL, is for a series of operations on SNEL's high voltage electricity system infrastructure to ensure the provision of KCC and KCC's partners (currently MUMI and KANSUKI) with a power capacity of 450 MW by 2016. The project notably includes the rehabilitation of a part of the production infrastructure of the INGA 2 and NZILO power plants and strengthening direct and alternating current transmission to ensure that 1,000 MW can be carried over more than 1,700 kilometres between Inga and Kolwezi. In order to guarantee optimum quality of its services, CONGO ENERGY has established a partnership with the Belgian company TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING, linked to GDFSuez.

Other projects are under way, including the production of feasibility studies for the construction of the new Nzilo 2 power plant.

Project Management

Avenue Usoke, 359
Lubumbashi. R.D.Congo

Fondation Rachel Forrest

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