Economic impact of STL

STL is one of the industrial companies that is the most emblematic of the country's economic recovery. When it was formed in the late 1990s, the STL project was the largest private investment since the country's independence in 1960.

The economic benefits that STL provides are particularly important for the Congolese State. For example, for many years, the project was the primary source of income for SOCIÉTÉ NATIONALE D’ÉLECTRICITÉ (SNEL) of which it remains, today, one of the main customers.

Once treated by STL, the impoverished slag is returned to GÉCAMINES SARL. This return of the slag is not insignificant. In a similar way to STL that treats the spoil of an earlier mining activity, it is likely that the development of new technologies will enable GÉCAMINES Sarl, in the future, to treat anew this same slag.

Finally, in accordance with the original contract, the zinc oxide produced by the treatment of the gases of the electric furnace is delivered to GÉCAMINES SARL.