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EGMF Kenya

EGMF Kenya, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is a branch of ENTREPRISE GÉNÉRALE MALTA FORREST (EGMF), a Congolese company wholly owned by the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A.

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In Kenya, EGMF participates in the creation of wind power farms, through civil engineering works.


EGMF Kenya has been in Kenya since 1995. It is active in the renewable energy, telecommunications and civil engineering fields.

Since 1995, EGMF Kenya has worked on largescale projects for major clients including the Government of Kenya, Kenya Airways, Kenya Airports Authority, Sagem Communications, Bamburi Cement, TPF Ecoloner, Iberdrola, Vestas and others.

The company also constructs infrastructure and buildings directly related to the energy field: sub-stations, high voltage power lines etc.

In telecommunications, EGMF Kenya has led major projects for laying fibre optic cables. In all, more than 3,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable has been laid by the Company in many regions of Kenya. In addition to fibre optics, EGMF Kenya has also participated in telecommunications projects, in particular, the design, manufacture and assembly of its own infrastructure for mobile telephones.

In the Civil Engineering field, EGMF Kenya has completed many, diverse projects, ranging from the construction of buildings to the design of airport infrastructure and water distribution.

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EGMF has conducted work laying fibre optic cables over several thousand kilometres throughout the country.

Since 1995, EGMF Kenya has completed large-scale projects in its fields of predilection for important customers including the Kenyan Government, Kenya Airways, Kenya Airports Authority, Pyrethrum Board of Kenya, Sagem Communications, Bamburi Cement, TPF Ecoloner, Access Kenya Group, etc.

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Limuru, Kenya
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