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The FORREST GROUP is a group companies which have a common shareholder, the Forrest family.

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GFI S.A. is based at Wavre, Belgium.


The companies partially or entirely owned by the FORREST GROUP are active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya, the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and Belgium.

The activities of the FORREST GROUP’s companies are highly diversified. They cover different sectors including Sustainable Energy, Metallurgy, Roads, Construction, Infrastructure, Mining operations, Food industry, Finance, Health and Trading.

The heir to a 90-year tradition of uninterrupted activities in Central Africa, the FORREST GROUP has a family structure, combining with the stability of its shareholding, expertise that is unique in the Region.
The Group provides employment to more than 6,000 people in Africa.

The FORREST GROUP accompanies each investment with requirements:
- Stability and long-term commitment;
- Contribution of value-added and technologies in the countries concerned;
- Strict respect of environmental standards;
- Observance of local laws, in particular in relation to labour and taxes.

© Jean-Dominique Burton
Construction (EGMF).


The FORREST GROUP also supports projects benefiting local populations, a conviction by which the industrial development of a company should go hand-in-hand with the socio-economic and human fulfilment of the citizens among whom it operates. The Group’s foundations support and develop projects in the areas of education, health, culture and sport.

The FORREST GROUP pays particular attention to environmental issues, in particular through the financing of constructive initiatives in the environmental area and the preservation of fauna and flora.

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