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GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A. (GFI S.A.) is a company based in Wavre, in Belgium. The management of GFI S.A. is built around its Chairman, George A. Forrest and its CEO, Malta David Forrest.

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GFI S.A. is based at Wavre, Belgium.


With a holding-type structure, the purpose of GFI is to hold most of the Forrest family’s shareholdings in the companies that form the FORREST GROUP and to oversee the operational management of them under the supervision of the Executive Committee.

Contributions of shareholdings to this holding company are made gradually.

Some shareholdings belonging to the Forrest family are private investments and, as such, will remain outside the scope of the management of the holding company, GFI S.A.

Heir to a ninety-year-old tradition of uninterrupted activity in Central Africa, the Group has maintained a family structure since its creation in 1922, combining the stability of its shareholding with expertise and a unique enthusiasm in the region. The current management of GFI S.A. revolves around its President, George A. Forrest and its CEO, Malta David Forrest.

The companies and shareholdings held by GFI S.A. employ almost 10,000 people in Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the birthplace of the company, GFI S.A. is not only a major private investor and employer, but also one of the rare companies to have engaged in industrial activities under all circumstances.

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Construction (EGMF).

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A waste sedimentation tank by EGMF. It enables to stock the waste from the Luilu hydro-metallurgicalplant, an asset of Katanga Mining Ltd.


Since 1922, the Forrest Group has supported projects to benefit local populations, a conviction according to which the industrial development of a company must be accompanied by the socioeconomic and human fulfilment of the citizens beside it.

GFI S.A. places very particular attention on all ecological matters, notably through funding constructive initiatives in the environmental field, including the conservation of the Congolese flora and fauna. Besides, all the industrial activities of the companies are conceived and considered in order to limit their impact on the environment insofar as possible..

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